Nursing Management

Nursing Management is a field of Nursing degree which deals the supervision of day-to-day operations of a nursing unit. Strong Nurse Management organization is essential to the success of a Nursing team. A nurse manager is a nurse with a master’s degree who creates an environment specifically designed for patient to measure progress, ensure safety, and facilitate healing. Nurse managers organize and direct the work including processes common to all management like planning, staffing and controlling which helps to encourage nurses to work as units


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Clinical Nursing

Clinical Nursing is a branch of Science which deals with clinical expertise, leadership in nursing practice, and systems innovation in hospital whose responsibilities may also include diagnosis and treatment, health promotion, disease management, prevention, and risk reduction.

Clinical nurse specialists have a different scope of practice playing a unique role in the clinical environment, as they have a decided focus on optimizing patient care by working with nursing staff. Trying to develop specialized treatment plans after patient examinations. Clinical Nurse Specialist identifies new ways to positively influence healthcare delivery dedicated to all parts of healthcare and patient outcomes.


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Adult health nursing

Adult health nursing basically refers to nurses who provide health care services to adults of varying ages typically young adults, adults, and elderly adults. The primary objectives of the adult health nurse are to assess and treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic injuries or disease through a variety of methods and to help facilitate maintenance, comfort, safe and restoration of health.

To accomplish these goals these professionals, focus on pathophysiology, disease management and wellness maintenance specifically in the adult population.

The adult health nurse will often find health risks that can treat the disease. These nurses can work with patients suffering from with new or recent illnesses, chronic conditions, injuries and diseases. They treat number of medical conditions and achieve optimal recovery from or adaptation to health problems.


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Women Health Nursing

A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) is an advanced practice gender focused specialist nurse who focuses on offering primary care services to women. They provide comprehensive and diagnostic care of women with the primary focus on reproductive, obstetric, and gynecological health presenting female-specific problems, including sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, or menstruation,

They treat the women of all ages varying from adolescence through menopause and beyond providing health care, disease prevention, and health promotion services.

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner counsel and educate the patients on gynecological and obstetrical issues and responsible for health restoration, and health education. They also provide care to patients’ osteoporosis, migraines, and depression.


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Midwifery is a woman-centered traditional care provider encompasses of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period and also care of new born. A midwife assists women in childbirth with every aspect of pregnancy and helps a woman achieve a satisfying birth experience

They provide health care services for women during normal pregnancy and childbirth including gynecological examinations, contraceptive counselling, prescriptions, and labor and delivery care.

They provide all necessary maternity professional care and services covering many aspects of support during pregnancy which improves maternal and infant outcomes.

A Midwife is a health care professional who provide health care services for women including gynecological examinations, contraceptive counselling, prescriptions, and labor and delivery care.


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Cancer Nursing

Cancer is one of the harsh and critical medical conditions. Cancer Nursing service is committed to excellence in cancer nursing care for people of all ages who are diagnosed with cancer

They treat a wide range of rare and common cancers including blood, brain lung, gynecological, bowel, sarcoma and urinary cancers. Cancer today is different than in the early days of cancer treatment, with many more treatment options, reduced treatment side effects and better pain control.

Oncology nurses have important roles to play all along the Cancer treatments. Their primary role is to care the people with cancer and ensure the patient is happy with the level of information they receive about their treatments.


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Critical care nursing

Critical care nursing is a branch of nursing which is intended for sick or unsteady patients. Infants who need restorative care are regularly conceded into a unique region of the clinic called the Neonatal serious care and Nursing consideration.

Critical care nurses play a wide range of role including bedside clinicians, attendant teachers, medical caretaker analysts, medical caretaker supervisors, clinical medical caretaker authorities and medical attendant professionals.


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Surgical Nursing

Surgical nursing or otherwise known as Perioperative Nursing is a challenging field of Nursing that provides many opportunities for professional growth. Surgical nurses also known as Operating Room nurses provides care before, during and after surgical and diagnostic procedures who perform various roles in the operating room.

They provide post-surgical care on medical-surgical many surgical sub-specialties for including neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, trauma, pediatrics, oncology, general surgery, urology, ophthalmology, ear, nose, throat, dental, orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive, and transplant surgery.


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Cardiac Nursing

Cardiovascular nurses or otherwise known as cardiac nurses possess high level of experience and education that allows them to treat critically ill patients and also those recovering from cardiac procedures such as angioplasty, bypass, pacemaker surgery.

Cardiac Nurses work in in acute care scenarios and manage conditions that affect the complex cardiovascular system. They also possess knowledge on Interventional radiology, Catheterization laboratory, Treatment planning and Dialysis.


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Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

The Psychiatric or otherwise called as Behavioral health nurse specializes in mental health and cares for patients of all ages with mental illness or mental distress, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, dementia, depression, and many more. People with mental health illnesses rely on Mental Health Nurses to manage their complex physical and emotional needs

Psychiatric nurses are the appointed position specialized to care patients   with a variety of mental illnesses, addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders.


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Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nurses provide health and specialist medical care for children from birth through their late teens. They provide care for both acute and chronic illness. They also care for sick and injured children, and monitors development administers immunizations, counsels parent.

They perform a variety of Nursing activities such as monitoring temperature, breathing, pulse, blood pressure and recording accurate results of these observations.

They immunize children and provide routine developmental health screenings.

Pediatric Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Nurse, Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist are the certifications of Pediatric Nursing.


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Nutrition Nursing

Nutrition nurses are clinical nurse specialists who focus on assessing the nutrition basics of the patient and be able to explain about healthy food choices to their patients.

They possess knowledge on nutrition support in the diets of patients with various medical conditions.

Nutrition nurses specializes in Nutrition science, Clinical dietetics, Medical nutrition therapy.

Proper nutrition plays a big role in disease prevention particularly chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Nutrition Nursing dietary concerns of patients recovering from illnesses


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Gerontology nursing

Gerontology nurse is a nursing specialist who focus on preventive care of elderly patients to provide them with a high quality of life and specialized care. They help elderly patients recover from injury or illness by providing patient care plans and practical care.

A geriatric nurse is a specialist who will meet the health needs of an aging population to support healthy aging, maximum functioning, and quality of life.

They specialize in areas of understanding anatomical and physiological changes with aging and studies like acute illness management and chronic illness management.

Gerontology nurses take care of older adults with injuries and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, cancer, impaired mental abilities, limited mobility and those with pain.


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Dental Nursing

The Dental nurse work within a variety of dental environments and management of the dental practice. They play an important role in the organization by assisting the dentist in all aspects of patient treatment.

They play vital role in chair-side assistance, infection prevention and control, they are responsible for ensuring the control of infection and high standards of high of cleanliness

They support dental team and dental clinicians and patients.

They should be specialized in clinical photographs, take impressions, make models of teeth and apply fluoride varnish to prevent tooth decay.


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Public Health Nursing

Public health nurses identify health risk factors unique to specific communities and monitor health trends.

Public health nurses comprise the largest professional segment that provide direct health care service

that are involved in the advocacy, prevention, education, assessment, activism and evaluation of Public Health.

Health education is a primary focus of public health nurses including preventive care, screening services and health education. This nursing specialty focuses on improving the general health of the population and prevent disease by avoiding hazardous behavior or exposure.


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Legal Nursing

Legal nursing field is a relatively new discipline. One of their main responsibilities is to assist lawyers about medical issues. They analyze and evaluate the facts and testimony provide invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical malpractice cases, insurance fraud cases, personal injury cases, toxic torts, criminal cases, and worker’s compensation cases,
They help to gather information and study evidence on the nature and cause of injuries.
They are licensed registered nurse who perform a dynamic and varied role by analyzing clinically related issues in the legal arena.
They play an important role in Medical malpractice, Personal injury, Toxic tort, Risk management, Forensic/criminal issues, Employment discrimination etc.


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Environmental Health Nursing

Environmental health nursing is a professional focus on identifying specific dangers in the environment, from lead exposures to air pollution, water pollution, Environmental changes and its impact on health.

They have a combined knowledge on promotion and restoration of health from work-related and environmental hazards. This section of Nursing focus on prevention of illness and injury caused due to environmental disturbances.


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Disaster Nursing

The risk of a disaster is ubiquitous. Nurses play an important role to during a disaster to save the lives and to take care for victims in the wake of tragedies and disasters

Disaster nursing is important to society and can include nurses from all fields of medicine. Disaster Nursing play a critical role in coordinating and implementing a response plan They provide healthcare to the victims.


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